A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Lyre is a furry visual novel drama where you travel to a strange kingdom as a human ambassador, surrounded by diverse characters. Your only weakness is that you have no idea what their motives are. They're all deceiving each other and every one of them is better at it than you. You find yourself only able to trust the most unlikely individual as a terrible plot and an unlikely romance unfolds around you.

Written and Illustrated by Atmac

Enchanting music done by Exias

More enchanting music done by Augustovich

Lyre Merchandise by Pawprint Press

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Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags18andup, drama, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Medieval, Mystery, NSFW, Romance
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

Install instructions

  • Download and run the .exe
  • If there is any problems, please join my Discord


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Definitely will be keeping up with the updates for this one, amazing work.


increíble y gusta muchos las personalidades de todos son distintas pero cada uno tiene su razón para ser así y no le culpó al príncipe pero igual debe darle almenos el beneficio de la duda di lo hizo o no, pero aún así está epico espero con ansias el siguiente cap 😁😁😁


When is the next updates for the game coming up????????????????????????????????????????

The next update has an undetermined release date. I am working on it as we speak :)


. True love is measured by how deep you fall
And judged by how low you are willing to crawl
Just to save it and make it last
It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust.
It is hospitable, amazing at all times, and always kind.
It is never prejudiced, it is color blind.

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Everything so far is great!

There is one thing I'd like to point out though (obviously spoilers), it's certainly not a story-breaking plot hole, and I wouldn't even be surprised if it's intentional, but I still feel like I should mention it:

The MC has some evidence that could arguably suggest that if he isn't innocent the prince would likely be involved too, it's far from definitive proof, but it's definitely there:

most motivations someone might have for killing a king would also apply to killing the rest of the line of succession

when he was outside after ball incident the MC would've had a good opportunity to approach the prince in a situation where there would likely be no witnesses, he could escape if there were witnesses or the attack went wrong, and he wouldn't be particularly suspicious if he was caught approaching the prince as long as he wasn't visibly armed, and while no one witness can confirm this, the prince could confirm his own presence, Lyall could confirm that the MC was there, and the MC knowing the prince was there (and what he was doing) would confirm that this was at the same time


Probably some spoilers but I think there is 3 major things that MC can literally say to prove his innocence: (Spoilers)

- 1: Even if he was on the scene of the tragedy, he was way to clean to be a culprit you would imagine if MC did it why is he too clean?

- 2: If they checked the body for Rigor Mortis and Wounds. It would be helpful I even imagine it like a Danganronpa Trial where the MC was to prove his innocence by saying: "If any of you had checked for the time of death you would notice that was before I entered the room".

- 3: Them the fact that the MC was literally sick? and there was many at list 3+ that can affirm that is in fact correct due to the fall. And the fact even on the day of the tragedy the MC wasn´t feeling well would be enough prove to his innocence if the above wasn´t checked. Sure, he only did feint when saying what he had dreamt the day before. But even thou he wasn´t in a good shape to commit the tragedy...

With that I probably have proven the fact that if the MC was smart, he would probably survive the trial without being executed, it probably would be fun that you´d have like multiple choices and had to select like: (A: Sick | B: Weapon | C: Lack of Blood on Clothes) 

Sure, it would be tedious but basically if done correctly would be awesome. I´m basically just wishful thinking but if needed I could make a small example.

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I just wanted to reply to this to explain some things.

You can stab someone and get very little amounts of blood on your person. It's a very possible thing to do and most of the time the problem for the culprit stems from the amount of blood they get on the floor or area around them. That's only if they're trying to hide the body though.

The idea of Rigor Mortis wasn't discovered until the early 19th century. Back then they had very little to go off of when it came to understanding death.

The fact that they were feeling ill doesn't excuse anything either.

Not saying that they're completely and perfectly framed, but trials back then were never fair and a person of his status would most likely face severe punishment.

I'm also not saying that the MC has no way out of this. They can play their cards, but in the end it's all up to the court whether they choose to believe him or not.


Oh! Right if are considering the time frame would be correct the fact that the lack of knowledge about death. (Possible Spoilers) 

At first, was a bit confusing was since I´d thought there would be like a lot of blood splatter (if it was by a slashing weapon but if it´s a piercing weapon there would basically just be a hole with little blood splatter but then I´d would open another can of worms that I don´t want to open it...). 

Then yeah regarding the fact the court yeah that would even be hard to convince people due to the fact that MC was basically a political pawn.

Anyways thanks for explaining the lack of blood. Keep up the good work. :D


I just finished the whole visual novel now and I have to say it is definitely my number 1 favorite. Each chapter was extremely well thought out and every scenario  was played out well. With each starting chapter even if the littlest things weren't included in it the whole novel felt complete and really polished. I was instantly hooked within the first chapter and no novel has done that before so props to that. Everything evolving to enhance the experience was the best I have ever experienced. The background music fit in perfectly and with each turn from the music it still fit the environment, the art style is also by far my favorite as well it a nice mix between the cartoony or fantasy type and a more realistic. I also loved each and every backdrop, sprite, and image in the novel. The best part it is the plot, with the plot I would say it was extremely good there is a ton of suspense, joy, sadness, and just almost every emotion. The plot was also really well developed and one of the better ones I have enjoyed. I would recommend reading this novel and I am completely excited for the coming chapters. Thank you atmac and your team of illustrators, writers/authors, and coding team for creating a beautiful visual novel!

Im so glad you are enjoying the novel!

Though, I only have a really good musician that I work with. I do all the other stuff xD



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No, it is not finished. They meant that they are caught up.


I just finished the newest update, and.. wow... despite being a short one, it certainly was interesting. Part of it startled me at, I'm not going to lie, but, then again, the situation isn't really great right now as it is as a whole anyway, so it's to be expected, I suppose. Nevertheless, great job with the new stuff.


I truly love the game but I hate the fact every time I get the update I have to resurf at the beginning this is the second time it's happened to me I really love it the game but I hate when I have to start from the beginning again even trying to load a old save file it takes me back to the name of the character screen other than that I love the games you come up with and I hope you have a good one and year and you're family too 😊 and take your time don't have to rush

I added a chapter select function to the game now. That should help with it. It's a problem with Renpy and I cant really figure out how to get around it.


Is this vn nsfw


According to the tags, it indeed is NSFW.

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Is the android version not updated or is the new chapter just really short because im quite confused?

The android version is updated. The chapter is a bit shorter than the last couple of chapters, but if it's so short that you're not able to notice that you're reading new content...you might not have updated it properly.


That vision has left me…shocked And spooked a little

That was amazing!


Plot go brrrrrrrrr


Alguém sabe quando chegará a próxima atualização ❤️❤️❤️


Its coming soon.


 obrigado 👍


interesting plot hmmmzzzz

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I managed to blaze through everything currently available in one sitting, and I absolutely loved it. My gay heart was racing, especially towards the end. The world-building,  characterizations, and art are all incredibly captivating. I do have one question (if you're comfortable answering). Roughly how far into the overall story are we after the events of chapter 8? Like how many chapters are planned? Sorry if you've been asked this before, I'm just really excited to see where the story goes.


Im not gonna give a perfect answer for that, but lets just say that theres plenty more to come.


Ah fair enough. Im excited for however much plenty more ends up being!


the excitement I feel because this reply is amazing!


I've been playing for a good hour or so and as I can't remember there being a single choice to be made ( if there was I'm sorry I guess I forgot :3 ) so I'm questioning will they come in later or does it not have a choice system? with one or not either way I still very much enjoy playing this VN <3 <3


This VN does not have choices or routes, but im glad you're enjoying it!

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I really enjoy this visual novel! To be honest, its one of the best I have seen (considering its the first I've opened), but this is pretty good! Anyway, I play this as an escape from reality, since its a bit hard to deal with. Its like, a new and better reality for me so I can be more, happier or something. But thanks for making this

(and yes, I have recently created this account to comment on this!)


Im so glad youre enjoying it!

No problem!!

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here are some speculations considering whats already happened, as well as some predictions. SPOILERS, DO NOT READ IF UR NOT UP TO THE LATEST CHAPTER (chapter 8 part 3 *main characters name*)

The MC is framed by someone since he walked into Raynars body. This leads me to think that someone wants the MC dead. I thought that maybe the avalanche at the beginning of the story wasnt just an accident, but an attempt to kill the MC. The person who caused the avalanche may be the same person who killed Raynar. Im iffy on whether theres one person trying to end the MC or a bunch of people.

Looking at the suspects for who killed Raynar, it probably was someone who was around the same height as him (Bjorn) OR he was caught off guard by someone smaller than him (MC, kadaj). Kadaj is already mad sus to me since he keeps implying that he knows more than he lets on, but I dont think it was him. I think it was someone thats linked to him that may have killed Raynar. One scenario that seems plausible to me is after the ball, Raynar and Kadaj speak about something and Kadaj subtly threatens Raynar to agree to some deal, Raynar doesnt agree, he dies as a result of the disagreement. Kadaj did say earlier in the story that he didnt come to Lyre just for being a diplomat, he had other unknown reasons.

The more I think about who killed Raynar, the more I get confused ugh. The MC did say when he walked in on Raynars body that there wasnt much spraying and splattering of blood. If that is the case and the killer didnt get his cloths dirty, maybe it was Kadaj and he simply climbed out the window to escape stealthily (he is a cat after all).

For what I think is going to happen, I think the MC is going to get a vision that will give him tiny clues for Raynars killer. The first thing that came to mind was a vision of a person buying the same dagger that was used to kill Raynar; i dont think this is likely since the dagger was described as plain, any person could get it. Another idea was getting a vision of being in Raynars POV as he was getting killed. If this happens, the killers face would probably be obscured and hidden, maybe Raynar recognizes it as a familiar voice hes heard before but cant recall who it is since he dies.

One thing that was floating in my head as the story progressed was how the MC gets specific visions. His first vivid one was after he talked with Raynar about his wifes death and the next one was after he talked with Adrius in his cell in the dungeons; the vision with raynar being his experience of watching his wife die, and adrius' warm childhood memories with his mom. The way I think the visions are triggered relate to who the MC is near and their current thoughts and memories. Raynar was deep in grief and thought recounting his wifes death and Adrius had a brief remembrance of some of his childhood. I dont know if the power to see into the past can be controlled much but I think theres some way for the MC to increase his chances of seeing visions pertaining to a specific person that the MC wants to know more about.

Considering the 2 paragraphs above, with my thoughts on whats going to happen and the mechanics of the MCs power, I came up with another idea. If what i said earlier about the MCs power being triggered by the thoughts and memories of people close to him is true, I thought maybe the MC will get a vision of being the killer since the killer is likely someone in the castle the MC knows. Im certain the killer will be in the same room as the trial for the MC.

As for the visions of the MC being in his bed and getting some liquid shoved down his throat while being restrained, or the vision of him walking down the stairs and being followed by a person walking backwards menacingly, i think those are just bad dreams. or not, idk.

if anyone had similar thoughts to these, plz reply. its pretty fun thinking of what could happen.

edit1: thought about it more and it doesnt make sense for kadaj to kill raynar since he'd have to go past the two guards and then leave past the same two guards. maybe the killer is some character yet to be shown (still think its someone the mc met in the game)


when the new update will come out?


when atmac be ready


When im finished with it.


From the last couple of updates, it has come out once every three months. Don't know if that trend will be followed this time, but a little thing i noticed.


Pretty much. Sometimes it takes a little less time, sometimes it takes a little more.


Gasp! A vn creator responded?! That's so cool!!

And, um. Yeah. I don't mind you taking your time or the time you need to post updates. Rather quality than quantity.

Anyway, thank you so much for responding! Hope ya are having a wonderful time whenever ya read/see this!


Thank you and of course!

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hello, umm does anybody know how i can get notified when the next chapter comes?? like is there a discord or twitter for this?


Theres a discord in the description and my Twitter is @SkyePeenut


You can also follow them on here on itch.io and it should send you an email every time they post the dev-log entry for the new chapter.


I love the Retrocognition Theme, it's very Awesome.


I love the VN


does anyone know when the new update will come out?


I know when it's coming out.


No way- thank you so much for spending time to work on Lyre, its one of my favourites :D

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Haha, yeah. The build will come out when I'm done with it. These take time since I work on everything but the music and I want to make sure that it's not rushed. <3


Of course! Keep up the amazing work!


little Adrius is a bitch...


yeah, hes a little shithead


Can't wait to punt him with our trippy mind powers later


calm down satan


Loved the new chapter! Especially little Adrius, too damn cute.


how could you like that little shit?


ah. I like the way he was before as a kid depicted on the picture. And yes, sadly he grew up to be a btch that is what we have now


Beautifully colorful, vibrant art of both charcters and backgrounds, spectacular mesmerizing music and intriguing charcters, as a combination of all that ? I can't exaggerate one bit when I say that this game just gives you these.. blissful Vibes that I wish I could feel in other games, with each update I always return with a positive opinion, thank you for the team for sharing their creativity and talents on this project 


Adrius is literally Joffrey and I kinda hope he suffers the same fate at this point in time. My opinion may change as the story goes on, we shall see.


Is the update released today?


I just got the notification. And I just downloaded it. 

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Hi, when is the next update ? Greetings


Atmac said on discord patreons will get update on 7th of june and public a week after that. So less than a month till update!


ty for the info relay!




hrrrngh wolf man


When the VN MC has either amnesia or has prophetic voices in his head:

"ah, shit, here we go again"


I agree but also strangely prefer it that way


well, it is a good way to start a vn, that is true

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I really like this so far, worth the wait for more.


Thank you!

does this game have any chubby characters

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"


This game has some chubby characters but they aren't romance characters. One of them is also a minor.


what a pity

There will be more characters~


Does this mean there may be other love interest or it's just the one?


There will only be this one.


Thanks! Was just making sure I was reading it right. 😂

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Just finished the latest update. I'm so intrigued by where the story is heading and I cannot wait to experience more of the colors of the world and the characters!

Also: The map of the world is amazingly detailed and gives so much life and depth to the narrative.


I just finished reading it  The update this is a beautiful and well written story I can't wait for more this is honestly all around fabulous I love all the characters

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Holy crap that was a really good read! It's really refreshing to have a smart and compelling mc. Also, the writing was impeccable and the music was just on point. I loved every minute of it. Thank you.


Do you actually get to see a fully realised player character or is it one of these "keep him vague so you can put yourself in their shoes" sort of VNs?


Its a very interesting situation where the character starts out as a blank slate, but then dons their own appearance and character when they take control over their life.


(Basically i show the MC's appearance little by little as the story goes on.)


Sounds very interesting.  I always like to know just who it is you're playing as, since I can fully get behind a rich mythical land where, for example, magic and chivalry are a way or life, where dragons fly in the sky and unicorns prance on the open plains, where bipedal beastmen are just a fact of life, and where one of whom will be the sweetest, most romantic and lovable, deeply passionate, fiercely loyal and protective partner one could hope for much more than I myself would ever be able to find a man like that XD 

Definitely going to give this a go now.  Thank you.


Hola actualiza x favor

Tener paciencia

Lyall gets a gold medal. 😃😃😃


Hey there. I got shown this VN by a good friend of mine a little over a month ago. I started on it when he showed it to me, but hadn't had a lot of time to fully read it at the time.

Well, there was a rainstorm that knocked out the power for me several hours ago, and I usually make myself cozy in bed and read VN's when I've got nothing else to do, so I used the time to catch up on it, because what I'd read at the time interested me.

When I initially downloaded it, I was at version 1.10, and hadn't, prior to that, checked to see if there were any new versions out, but I managed to read everything in the (roughly) 4.5 hours the power was out. As of this post I'm in the process of getting the most current update, but here were my thoughts on thins, as they stood from that version.

Spoiler warning for the sake of anyone that hasn't read it!

I absolutely LOVE Lyall. He is adorable. I have this thing for falling in love with VN wolves and it seems Lyall is no exception. The dance scene was so sweet, but I wasn't expecting that to end as sour as it did... But then the scene in Lyall's room happened shortly after, and I won't lie, I choked up quite a bit.

But seeing where that version ends... the death scene, with MC being blamed and Lyall having to lock him up and leave him there... that broke my heart.

I'm in the process of downloading the newest version right now, so I know there's more to read, but I figured I would pass along that you've definitely made a fan out of me with this story!


Wonderful! Incredible! I’m sorry for the lost of your friend, but he did a splendid job setting the character to music. I have enjoyed this journey and do hope to see more. Furthermore, I would love to do a proper review but now is not the time, so far is going well, and I can’t say for sure, but I still want to see the new chapter before I say something. Not only that, but I will be waiting for the new chapter. (I kinda started to fantasize after reading, so it is a strong relation between the MC and Lyall).

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