Lyre Chapter 5 is out!

Chapter 5 of Lyre is now released for the public!

This build comes with a lot of new visual content, including a small sprite rework for Raynar, an improved music gallery, and a brand new image gallery. This chapter is also a bit small, but chapter 6 will be the longest one yet!

I hope that you all enjoy the wonderful music by Augustovich!

Files 217 MB
Oct 06, 2021
ProjectLYRE-1.8-linux.tar.bz2 207 MB
Oct 06, 2021 200 MB
Oct 06, 2021 217 MB
Oct 06, 2021

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This new update kinda short i play it for like 30 minnute :< hope the new update will be much longer pls i want to see Lyall more <3


Read the description of this post.


Huh, a VN protagonist who gets a weird vision-dream and actually goes and talks to the relevant person instead of just keeping it a secret because reasons. What a refreshing change.


The way protagonist verify his vision is a bit wired, if he is that hurry, he could ask Lyall first as he is in the vision too.


Can't wait to play it