Terrible News

I really don't know where to start with this.

I don't even know how to go about this.

Last night I was informed of something terrible. My dearest friend and colleague, Mayer, has passed away. Most of you know him as Augustovich, the composer for my visual novel, Lyre.

Mayer has been battling Covid 19 for the past month and a half and his condition only got worse these last two weeks and he did not survive the operation. Forgive me if I seem a bit blunt, but it's been so long since I've had a close friend leave me like this.

I am very dejected and in pain right now so please bear with me.

Mayer was a go-getter. I've only know him for a while but over the last year we have worked together and truly bonded. He was truly a visionary that could see beyond the horizon. His work inspired me.

His music has touched my soul and will never leave me. I am sure that it has done the same for all of you. One of the comments I have always received is that all of you are in love with his music and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mayer wasn't just someone that I hired to make music for my VN. He wasn't doing it for money or fame. I can tell you with no waver in my voice that Mayer had a deep passion for this project. He wanted to make sure that the music was perfect in every way.

And it was that passion that pushed me forward. He wanted this project to be the best that it could be. He worked day and night to create beautiful tracks that would rival most film scores. Each and every last one of them had his heart and soul put into it.

I am now going to address something that a lot of you are thinking about right now. What is going to happen to Lyre?

I'm not sure. I'm still figuring that out and haven't given myself time to think about it. My mind was all over the place before this happened and now I can only think about one thing. My friend is dead.

I can tell you this though. Lyre is not cancelled. It's not going anywhere and it's not stopping any time soon. Lyre endures in the name of Mayer. It's what he would have wanted. He wouldn't have wanted me to sit around a mope.

Like I said, Mayer was a go-getter. I can't confirm this, but I am sure that he would want me to keep moving forward and have this project make an impact. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Lyre will continue.

I'm not really sure how to close this out. You were all very special to him. I'm sure all of your unending love for his masterpieces touched him till the end. I want to ask the FVN community to please take a moment to mourn the loss of an integral member.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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I've only just played this VN, I know not of him and know not of the pain you must've felt.
But I wish to thank you regardless, may your work be remembered for years to come

I may be late, but when I finished Lyre, I took the time to listen to the soundtrack and it really touched my heart. This VN is quite the masterpiece and has a lot of meaning behind it.

I'm too new and don't know too much but I can say my first time playing really was something nice and the music was beautiful.  Surely a loss and I've no words cuz most have already been covered with your words alone.  Keep your strong outlook with your head as high as it can go, always look up and forward.

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I apologize for your loss, we all have friends like that but when something like that happens to them it takes a while to heal both mentally and physically, to make it worse it had to be done by COVID. I'm sorry for your loss and whether you believe me or not I lost someone to this damn virus, and I hope you can get through it. Just don't make my mistake and avoid those who care, good luck also take as much time as you need.


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, it never gets easier to lose someone close to you. My best wishes go out to your family and your friends family. I sincerely hope your doing well and I just wanted you to know  that your friend's music has made a positive impact on many people's with their music. 


He made some beautiful music an he will always be remembered for everything he has done and I want to give my regards and say that this vn is already a masterpiece and is very beautiful, thank you and I will remember.


Warm regards and sincere condolences. The music in this project is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that you won't find anywhere else. The way the music brings this novel to life is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. Mayer isn't truly gone however, as long as we keep him in our thoughts, he'll always be here, a part of the earth we tread.


Sincere condolences. It's hard losing people you're close to. Take as much time as you need! <3


When you feel up to it again you could possibly have someone do a cameo sprite of his sona in the game as a memorial.  I think that would be a fitting way to remember him.

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Idk if this is rude but did he have any other issues with health? If its too sensitive for u then u dont have to answer im just curious


Sincere condolences it's sad that he left and don't get me wrong but you can't live in the past because then you can get into much bigger problems

(and take care)

And better if you will rest for sometime


I'm sorry for your loss, and may your friend rest in peace.


This virus can go straight to hell... and sorry for your loss. Please don't continue work on this VN until you're back up on your feet. Health is priority #1 here, and always remember that we are here to support you in this time of need.


I am very sorry for what happened, it is a great pain to lose someone you really love with all your heart, but Mayer would have wanted you to be strong and follow your dreams, your passion Take all the time you want but do not let depression win you over .Mayer will always be in our hearts and his beautiful musics at VN Lyre.

We love you


I'm sorry to hear that. If you feel like you need it, postpone the release until you feel better, everyone will understand it. Didn't know Mayer, but the music in Project Lyre so far was beautiful. If it was all Mayer's doing, it's not going to be easy to find a match for it.


Praying for Mayer. Rest in peace Mayer. I enjoyed your music so much. 


Hope you pull through and may Mayer rest in peace.

Hope this project carry his dream and become a legacy for him.

Just see the news today. Since I'm not a native speaker of English,I don't think I could ever tell you how sorry I am for this terrible news(or even correctly express myself right now). Here's just what I manage to write with translation app and my poor English. Hope our comments could ease you some pain.


Hope you're holding up Atmac, I'm here if you want to talk. 馃檪馃檪馃檪


Why only the good people die from this damn virus... I wish well for you and his family, his music was incredible....

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